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Foodie Safaries
1 day

A Bratislava Foodie Safari

A long time favorite our guests, this is a journey of culinary delights for those people who love discovering food cultures in undiscovered locations!

  • 3-5 hours
  • Your hotel
  • Your Feet, Auto
  • Moderate
  • 1-10
  • Culture, Mingle with locals, Culinary, Walking, hands-on


Not only will our expert gastronomic specialist guide introduce you to the historical must-taste destinations of Bratislava, they will also unveil a couple of hidden gems at a new hot spot of two so you can see the evolution of the foodie culture in Bratislava. What makes this experience unique is the “tasting stations” that will magically appear for from time to time on the tour….just in case you get hungry! And its not just food; we will make a stop at the largest wine cellar in Slovakia, sip a beer or two, and try some favorite teas. Of course you will learn more about the city and its people, meet a local in a true Communist styled and built apartment, discuss their favorite dish, and discover what authentic communist kitchen looks like, and how to cook in such a small space! This is a hands-on journey, each time you enjoy a taste, you will learn how to prepare it, and if you choose, have a hand in making it!

Pleasant surprises, exemplary service, hidden wows, a drink or two, and insightful conversations designed to bring people closer together, are all customary on our carefully designed journeys.

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