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Cultural, Arts & crafts
1 day

An Introduction to the Roma (Gypsy) Culture

Meaningful events in life are rare to come by, and even more difficult to find while on a few days trip abroad. We have been fortune enough to explore every nook and cranny of Slovakia, and when we find a truly worthwhile experience, we keep coming back.

  • 4 hours
  • Your hotel
  • Auto, walking
  • Relaxed
  • Culture, Mingle with locals, Culinary, Walking


We are passionate about understanding and helping the marginalized peoples and cultures all over the world. This fascination led us to the local Roma villages, to meet the people, try to understand them and bring empathy to an otherwise forgotten group.

Our goal is to introduce you to these fascinating peoples, by talking with them, spending some time in their village, interacting in a way not possible by just arriving for the first time.
We want you to come away with a meaningful understanding of this European culture, and to take away this knowledge and share it with others around the world so that the Roma story will better survive in this modern world.

Practically speaking, we will take you to a local Roma village, ample time will be made to introduce you to the village elders, meet the children, and to be introduced to this, their village home and way of life. This is no normal “you are on bus 32 of 100 buses” to visit type of experience. We are the only ones bringing disparate cultures together in this way. Our guides will make it all work, but the experiences are authentic, so will be a bit different each time…which is what makes it all so special.

Pleasant surprises, exemplary service, hidden wows, a drink or two, and insightful conversations designed to bring people closer together, are all customary on our carefully designed journeys.

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