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Experience Slovakia

National Parks

"Slovakia's national parks centre on the country's greatest natural resource: its mountains. From the alpine High Tatras down to the hilly Poloniny in the secluded northeast, this wide variety of mountains provides the lifeblood of the nation, supplying the purest water and air, hosting its richest forests and inspiring most of its folklore. All of this is easy to find in and around the parks." provided courtesy of Slovakia National Tourism 

Caves and Ice Caves

Slovakia is full of beautiful caves and underground places. Many of them are hidden and undiscovered. The caves of Slovak Karst system are listed in the UNESCO's World Heritage List. These caves are noted for having the world's highest stalagmite, aragonite and sinter formations and an ice filled abyss, which considering the territory's height above sea level, is a unique phenomenon for central Europe.

Cities, Towns & Villages

From Bratislava, the capital city and international hub that straddles the Danube river, to medieval towns with ancient old towns and perfectly preserved facades (Košice, Banská Štiavnica, Kremnica), to undiscovered villages (Čičmany, Vlkolinec) , where for hundreds of years...life really hasn´t changed....Slovakia has a place for everyone to feel at home.

Slovak folklore

Regularly taps into its abundant traditions to represent its culture. In broad terms, Slovak folk refers to the life cycle of the country’s peasants, shepherds and craftsmen. Main motifs are daily toil, nature, and holiday markings.

Slovak Crafts

Wood carving, metal working, glass making, embroidery, basket weaving are all part of the repertoire of fairs. These are distinguishable by regional emblems and stylistic patterns.

Many artisans have also formed associations, from which they’ve established stores for selling their works. In the Modra region, ceramics making harks back to the 1600s; it often employs historical designs and specific firing techniques.

Major Slovak folk festivals:

  • Vychodna Folkloric Festival from the Zilina Region
  • Pod Polana Folklore Festival in Detva from Banska Bystrica
  • Janosik Days in Terchova from Zilina
  • Myjava International Folk Festival from Trnava

Castles, churches and ruins

The castles of Slovakia stand witness to earlier eras:

  • when the picturesque fortresses formed the last line of defence against various invasions from east and southeast in the middle ages...
  • when they help troops ready to tear each other apart during the Reformation’s internecine wars...
  • when the nobility simply wanted to keep its people in line...
  • when the aristocracy of more recent centuries simply wanted to show off...
  • Beautiful exemplars of all periods and purposes abound here, some as eerie ruins and others as fully restored museum pieces. Never are you further than an easy day trip from a castle worth seeing. The following gives details on some of the country’s best-known castles.

Wine and Dine culture

An old tradition says that visitors should be greeted with bread and salt. What greets you nowadays are low restaurant prices and great quality food. Delicious Slovak meals are served in almost every restaurant in Slovakia. 

National dish and favorite food of most Slovaks: home-cooked dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon (“bryndzové halušky”)

Slovak cuisine is full of milk products, meat (especially pork), potatoes, dumplings and thick sauces. Cabbage, onions and garlic is a must. Halusky are often finished with a glass of sour milk (“žinčica”). Milk and cheese products are best from chalets (sheepfolds), where an old guy in garb prepares it from the milk of his sheeps, goats or cows. Cookies, desserts and cakes are often prepared by our grandmas. It is unspeakable not to eat all of them while visiting.

Slovaks love good distilled beverages‎. Ask for a good “hruskovica” (from pears) or “slivovica” (from plums). Clean 100% distilate is the highest-quality alcohol. Be careful, it’s not for sissies.

Wine culture

Slovakia is divided in six wine-growing areas: Little Carpathians, Nitrian, South Slovakian, Middle Slovakian, East Slovakian, and Tokaj—a neighbour to Hungarian Tokaj. These regions are unimaginable without their many vineyards.

Little Carpathians, a small western territory of Slovakia, is said to be the best vine-growing area with almost a thousand years of wine-making traditions. Clay, sand, and rocky soils are exposed to the work of mountain streams and make the land very capable to produce quality vines.

Nowadays 40 varieties of grapes are grown in Slovakia. 

We highly recommend a wine tour accross Slovakia’s best and famous wine spots.

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