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5 days

Glamping Under the Stars

Join us on the trail, under the stars, and with the local mountain men for an unforgettable walk in the mountains and wilds of Slovakia.

  • 2-5 days
  • Your hotel
  • auto, your feet, perhaps cable car
  • Active – High Energy
  • 5
  • Culture, Adventure, culinary, hiking, camping, glamping


The beauty of camping is the simplicity, the quiet, and the stars, making your own dinner over a roaring wood campfire or on a gas camping stove. Waking up snug and warm in your sleeping bag, cool mists in the air, the expectation of another wonderful day on the trail….is what is so special about getting out of the car and into the mountains.

What’s even better is when you have an expert camp chef preparing your meals (that you preselected). Our hiking guides pitch the tent and arrange the kit, you can help if you like, kick back and enjoy a drink, or lounge with the locals in the hut…or wander off and explore on your own.

Slovakia is immensely underrated as a hiking and camping destination – simply Slovakia will change all of that for you.

NOTE – Many of our programs can be converted into “Glamping or simple Camping” trips, where you choose how deluxe to go, and how much of the load you wish to carry! All you have to do is ask, and if it can be done, we’ll design it together!

Pleasant surprises, exemplary service, hidden wows, a drink or two, and insightful conversations designed to bring people closer together, are all customary on our carefully designed journeys.

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