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Guest Favourites

Foodie Safaries
1 day

A Bratislava Foodie Safari

A long time favorite our guests, this is a journey of culinary delights for those people who love discovering food cultures in undiscovered locations!

5 days

Glamping Under the Stars

Join us on the trail, under the stars, and with the local mountain men for an unforgettable walk in the mountains and wilds of Slovakia.

Foodie Safaries
1 day

Morning in Modra & Taste of Wine

This isn’t a simple wine tasting, it’s a day devoted to the art and culture of wine, of meeting the people behind the making, tastings yes, but also being guests of the vineyard owners, sneak down into their personal cellars, and so peek into the live of these artisans of old!

Cultural, Arts & crafts
1 day

Stroll & Picnic in Bratislava

Join us for an inclusive and personal introduction to Bratislava. We have a few passionate residents of this lovely Central European capital, Katarina, for example, who loves to welcome our guests and stroll with them down the backstreets and forgotten lanes of the old town.