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From cycling enthusiasts to the occasional rider, a short stroll, to day hikers, up to mountaineers, from equestrians to first time horseback riders, simply Slovakia provides activities tailor-made to suit your wants, skills and needs.

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Family Friendly

Everything we offer can be tailor made to suit families of all sizes and ages!  Our smart and intuitive local guides understand the interests of kids, teens and adults.

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Cultural, Arts & crafts

Our programs focus on highlighting the cultural aspects of a geographic destination, so with this in mind, you will see visits to Crystal factories, embroidery masters, wood carving demonstrations and similar experiences that are typical for Slovakia.

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Meets & Events

Events such as meetings and congresses are as intricate as a piece of delicate machinery. Our team manages all details professionally, thoughtfully, and with exacting attention to detail.

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Tailor Made for You

Tailor made journeys offer you the flexibility to choose your own path. You can decide how and when to travel, the level of service and the hotel standards, and with who and how you spend your days.

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Foodie Safaris

We love great food.  We love eating.  We love good wine.  Simply, we love eating great food in Slovakia, along with savoring a glass of wine after the end of a memorable day spent exploring.

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