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Family friendly Journeys

As parents, we know how challenging it can be to connect with family in the busy hustle and bustle of daily life.  We also have an idea what kids like and dislike.  Everything we offer can be tailor made to suit families of all sizes and ages!  Our smart and intuitive local guides understand the interests of kids, teens and adults. Together, you’ll do cool stuff life wind surfing, mountain biking along medieval fortress walls, riding zip-lines and getting your hands dirty in crafts sessions with local artisans. Suddenly, ancient ruins are for climbing.  A trip on a railway turns into a joy when our guide is playing a guitar and singing old favorites while your family sings along! How about a game of basketball with a local school team?  We are happy to create as much time together or space as requested, kids and teens may go their carefully chaperoned way, and you’ll have generous time for adult-focused activities like wine tastings, longer walks and gourmet dinners.   Or, you can spend the entire day geocaching in Bratislava!

In some cases, children receive discounts, in all cases same meals are arranged, room configurations will vary depending on request.

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Family friendly
10 days

Trekking the Tatras

Adventure Begins upon arrival at the airport you will be met by your guide. Your limousine driver will handle your gear.

Family friendly Foodie Safaries
2 days

Bratislava City break

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, an historic city set on the Danube close to the Austrian border. The city has undergone a major revitalization and now flourishes as one of Europe's most vibrant capitals.