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Foodie Safaris

We love great food.  We love eating.  We love good wine.  Simply, we love eating great food in Slovakia, along with savoring a glass of wine after the end of a memorable day spent exploring.  All of our journeys include culinary delights and local favors, however for those wanting their trip to focus on food – then why not go on a foodie safari!

We will take you down the backstreets of Bratislava to where Ms Donatova still makes bread the way her grandmother did.  You meet the owner of a small winery in Pezinok; join him for a tasting in his cellar, where his dog sleeps during the hot summer days.  Brew beer in a village, help our master chef cook dinner under the stars, or fancy a private dinner in a castle?  

Whether its taking full-immersion cooking courses, hunting up mushrooms (and then making a mushroom soup for lunch) hunting for apple orchards or exploring the villages in search of local recipes, our guests will not be disappointed by the menu of culinary delights and experiences we can bring to the table!

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Family friendly Foodie Safaries
2 days

Bratislava City break

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, an historic city set on the Danube close to the Austrian border. The city has undergone a major revitalization and now flourishes as one of Europe's most vibrant capitals.

Foodie Safaries
1 day

Morning in Modra & Taste of Wine

This isn’t a simple wine tasting, it’s a day devoted to the art and culture of wine, of meeting the people behind the making, tastings yes, but also being guests of the vineyard owners, sneak down into their personal cellars, and so peek into the live of these artisans of old!

Foodie Safaries
1 day

A Bratislava Foodie Safari

A long time favorite our guests, this is a journey of culinary delights for those people who love discovering food cultures in undiscovered locations!