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Meets & Events

Events such as meetings and congresses are as intricate as a piece of delicate machinery. They involve many complex connections, thousands of moving parts all working independently, only when everything comes together perfectly does a masterpiece on paper become a reality.

We view ourselves as your strategic partner for making your planned event a success.  Our team manages all details professionally, thoughtfully, and with exacting attention to detail.  If you decide to partner with us to bring your clients or employees to Slovakia, our events team will literally drop what they are doing to focus on your event.

This is a key part of our philosophy – we limit the number of projects we take on at any given time, so we end up with a small select collection of clients receiving the maximum amount of effort and focus from our team.

Who are we?

Simply Slovakia is a Bratislava based full service meeting, event & destination management company specializing in high profile business events and memorable travel experiences.

Our outstanding professionalism, creativity and dedication to clients' objectives have won us a reputation for excellence that extends far beyond Slovakia.

Through our active participation in several industry associations and organizations we are able to pass on the benefits of a truly global knowledge and resource network to our clients.

We make things happen while maintaining a high standard of ethics and providing a secure working environment to a continually committed and highly excited team.

Our Destination

Thanks to our extensive experience and local knowledge we are well placed to assist you with projects across Slovakia and Central Europe.

Our region's breathtaking scenery, its history and unique architectural, musical and artistic heritage have helped make it one of Europe's fastest growing destinations for events and tourism travel. As well, Slovakia is strategically placed in the Heart of Europe, so we can easily include surrounding highlights like Budapest, Prague, Vienna – and countryside destinations in your event itinerary.

Bratislava is an up and coming tourism center, and along with countless other rural and resort locations can offer international conference, incentive and business travel destinations that provide all the infrastructure and professional services required to successfully organize events.

Business travelers and tourists feel at ease while exploring the many attractions of this beautiful country.

Destination Management Services

Our range of services includes everything from booking hotels to finding the perfect restaurants. Take one of our existing tours and from that we can create a teambuilding experience. Entertainment, meet & great hostesses to on-site project managers, we are your one-stop services supplier for programs that are designed in partnership with your firm, to deliver the exact program you desire.

We are your partner for meetings, incentives, congresses and events travel to Slovakia and Central Europe.

Creativity and Attention to detail is KEY

It takes special dedication to details and a great imagination to organize a unique event. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the ability to plan and deliver a program that meets and exceeds your expectations.

We work hard to create unique concepts, original themes and imaginative inclusions. We plan to deliver the exceptional – with an eye on everything from the big picture right down to the smallest detail.

A key part of our philosophy is that we limit the number of projects we take on at any given time, so we end up with a small select group of clients receiving the maximum amount of effort and focus.  It would be easy for us to just hire more help to take on more quick business. But we believe it takes years and years of experience to master this industry. We grow our client portfolio like we grow our team, organically and over long periods of time with an eye to our reputation and quality over the long-term.