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Cultural, Arts & crafts
1 day

Paddle & Pedal

There is no better way to spend a day in Europe than biking the back roads, and paddling the Danube beneath castles and past riverside villages!

  • 6 hours
  • Your hotel
  • auto, kayak, bicycle
  • Moderate to active
  • 4+
  • Culture, Mingle with locals, Culinary, Walking, boating, picnic, biking


It all starts with a short drive outside the city, where our bikes and guide await. The biking trails in Europe are the best in the world, and we will follow them to discover peaceful farming fields, local villages that motorists never linger in, all the while searching for the perfect picnic spot along the way! Dine in the tranquility of a stand of woods, or perhaps in the heart of a village square…its up to you! Next, it’s off the bikes and on with the floatation jackets! Nothing is more serene, and nothing says, “I experienced Europe”, quite like kayaking down the river Danube. That’s right, you can paddle or relax, its up to you. Pass small villages, Devin Castle, river barges, and sand bars. Before arriving into Bratislava, let’s make a stop at a local fisherman’s shack for a quick drink to toast the amazing adventurous that travel brings!

Pleasant surprises, exemplary service, hidden wows, a drink or two, and insightful conversations designed to bring people closer together, are all customary on our carefully designed journeys.

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