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Cultural, Arts & crafts
1 day

Stroll & Picnic in Bratislava

Join us for an inclusive and personal introduction to Bratislava. We have a few passionate residents of this lovely Central European capital, Katarina, for example, who loves to welcome our guests and stroll with them down the backstreets and forgotten lanes of the old town.

  • 3 hours
  • Your hotel
  • Your Feet
  • 300 kCal
  • 2+
  • Culture, Mingle with locals


Get truly acquainted with the key sights of the city, and up close and personal with the Slovak people as you embark on a thoughtfully planned walk that will connect past and present, communism and post communism, the velvet revolution, and the current state of affairs after more than a decade of EU membership. You experience much more than just the brick and stone facades of the old town, go inside the colorful buildings and meet with some residents, chat with them over a coffee about their life in Slovakia, and what they think of America and the world! Visit with sommelier at the largest wine cellar in Slovakia.

Next, its time for a picnic (and some appropriate music) in the park! We will find a nice shady spot to relax while our team prepares a tasty lunch and refreshments in the heart of this city along the Danube.

Pleasant surprises, exemplary service, hidden wows, a drink or two, insightful conversations for bringing people closer together, are all customary on our carefully designed journeys.

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