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Sustainable and Responsible Tourism statement

At Simply Slovakia we are focused on working responsibly and sustainably in order to protect the environment you visit and enhance the lives of the people you meet along the way. Our guests travel with us because they want to see the best that Slovakia has to offer: the stunning landscapes, the wealth of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the culture, the nature and wildlife, and, of course, they want to meet and interact with Slovakian people, and learn about their lives. We know that we need to manage these aspirations carefully in order to protect what our guests value. To that end, when compiling our tours and programmes we have endeavoured to meet as many of the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals as possible. Our pathway to realising these goals is through ‘Responsible Tourism’.We know that this is something our guests do instinctively, and is at one with our beliefs on the value of tourism. Our aim is for your visit to have a positive impact, and to achieve that we work only with partners who provide authentic tourist experiences that celebrate and conserve Slovakian heritage and culture. We actively engage with local people to increase economic opportunities and growth in the communities we visit. At the same time, our overriding objective is to protect the environment and conserve it for future generations. We take our responsibilities seriously. We are aware of the impact of tourism, and have seen how it can impact the world both positively and negatively. Fortunately, Slovakia does not suffer from over tourism and the opportunity exists to develop the tourism product here both sustainably and responsibly. We, at Simply Slovakia, with your support, will do all we can to ensure that tourism develops here in a positive way, benefitting both the community who live here and those who come to visit and experience all it has to offer.

Tailor Made Journeys

Tailor-made journeys offer you the flexibility to choose your own path. You can decide how and when to travel, the level of service and the hotel standards. Pack in as many activities and locations as possible, or incorporate some relaxation and free time to explore on your own terms. With all that choice it can seem overwhelming, so we have a small, tight-knit tailor-made team of experts to give advice and assist you to craft the ideal trip.

Design your Journey